TTP™ - VARIO System

Titanium prostheses that are length variable (can be modified intraoperatively in 0.25 mm increments)


Titanium prostheses developed in conjunction with the University of Tuebingen ENT Hospital

KURZ® Precise Cartilage Knife Set

Designed to simplify cutting of cartilage grafts of all equal thickness

Malleus Handle Cavity Bending Pliers

To establish better contact and reduce slippage or tilting, prostheses can be wedged under the malleus handle

Cartilage Punch

For optimised stabilisation of KURZ® Total Prostheses on the Stapes Footplate

Cartilage Forceps (Schimanski Design)

Used for the plastic reconstruction of small tympanic membrane defects

Malleus Notch Prosthesis

A titanium prosthesis that combines an open design of the headplate with a notch for placement under the malleus

KURZ® Meter

Measuring device for stapedial prostheses