MAD Nasal™

A mucosal atomization device for needle-free drug delivery via the nasal mucosa

LMA® Classic™ Airway

The original, re-usable laryngeal mask

LMA® Unique™ Airway

The original single use laryngeal mask


A malleable topical anaesthetic drug delivery device


A paediatric laryngo-tracheal mucosal atomization device

MADgic Airway™

A temporary airway to facilitate fiber optic intubation

LMA® Fastrach™ Airway

Designed for difficult airway situations and CPR. Single use or re-usable versions available

LMA® ProSeal™ Airway

The most versatile, re-usable, second generation airway with gastric access

LMA Supreme™ full insertion video

LMA Supreme™ product video