Intellectual Property for Teleflex® VaxINator™

The patents, patent applications and trademarks that cover Teleflex® VaxINator™, and are used in relation to this device, are proprietary to Teleflex Incorporated or its affiliates ("Teleflex") and may not be used by any third parties without the express prior written permission of Teleflex.

Covered by granted patents in AU (2011327848, 2016213800); CA (2817482); CN (ZL201180054374.6); FR, GB, NL (2637726); DE (602011051133.5); IT (505018000033808); JP (6433964); ES (2694800); TW (1569823); TR (TR201815129T4); patents pending deriving from WO (12/063124); and by design patents AU (340344); BR (D17106037-5); CA (143423); CN (201130473262.7); EM (001305049); IN (241181); JP (1439622); MX (38196); TW (D148898); US (D674892S).
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