LMA® ProSeal™ Airway

LMA ProSeal™: The most versatile re-usable airway

Peace of mind

Passive regurgitation can occur unexpectedly intraoperatively. The LMA ProSeal™ enables the regurgitated fluid to pass up the drainage tube without leaking into the glottis.8

Patient comfort

LMA ProSeal™ reduces the likelihood of throat irritation and stimulation, and reduces post-operative nausea and vomiting by as much as 40% compared to an ETT.9


LMA ProSeal™ achieves a high seal pressure, with a median seal pressure of 32 cm H2O.10


LMA ProSeal™ has a built-in drain tube that allows expelled gastric content to bypass the pharynx. This specific feature is designed to decrease the risk of aspiration.11,12

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Instructional video about the insertion of LMA Proseal™

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