MAD Nasal™

MAD Nasal™ needle-free drug delivery device.

The unique design of MAD Nasal enables a seal to be formed with the nostril and atomized particles of medication to be delivered to the nasal mucosa. The particles are then absorbed through the mucosal tissue and into the bloodstream, avoiding first pass metabolism.

Key features:



Atomized Spray Output from MAD Nasal™

The MAD Nasal atomizes solutions into a fine mist of particles 30 – 100 microns in size

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Highlights and features of the MAD Nasal™

MAD Nasal™ offers needle-free intranasal drug delivery. Atomized nasal medications absorb directly into the brain and CSF via olfactory mucosa to nose-brain pathway resulting in rapid drug delivery.

Dr Tim Wolfe discusses the benefits of intranasal drug delivery

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