Provox® FreeHands HME

Simple Hands-Free Speech

The Provox® FreeHands HME consists of an automatic, reusable Multi-Magnet Valve System that helps keep the valve closed the whole time you are speaking. Another valve opens and closes automatically whenever you cough. The Provox® FreeHands HME system is designed for simple and comfortable daily use. If needed, simply turning the housing of the Provox® FreeHands HME switches the automatic speech valve function on or off, while the device can remain in place. It can be attached to a Provox® Adhesive base plate or a Provox® LaryTube cannula with ring.All details of the Provox® FreeHands HME are designed for maximum discretion: the small size, the transparent colour and the side openings (which allow the device to be covered with clothing).

More Comfortable Breathing

The Provox® FreeHands HME also consists of a disposable heat and moisture exchanger (HME) cassette that gives you greater breathing comfort by conditioning (moisturising and warming) the incoming air. It also protects the valve unit from secretions and provides a good level of airflow resistance for raising blood oxygen levels (too low levels can make you feel tired).

Provox® FreeHands HME

The Provox® FreeHands HME combines an HME with an easy-to-operate automatic tracheostoma valve that lets you speak without having to manually close the stoma. It is an automatic, reusable multi-magnet and multi-valve system that helps keep the speak valve closed while you are speaking. Whenever you cough, the cough-relief valve opens and closes automatically. An HME is most effective when worn day and night. It usually takes some weeks until the pulmonary symptoms inprove. During the first weeks of use, the patient may experience some increased mucus production.

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