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Case Report: Stenting of a Stenosed Vertebral Artery

A case report of a male patient with a high BMI undergoing a procedure via a radiographically guided catheter to introduce a stent to reverse stenosis of a vertebral artery.

Case Report: Onyx Embolization of an Arterial Venous Malformation

A case report of a female patient undergoing onyx embolization of an arterial venous malformation via a radiographically guided catheter.

Case Report: Awake Craniotomy for the Excision of a Left Temporal Lobe Glioma

A case report of a female patient undergoing awake craniotomy for the excision of a left temporal lobe glioma using Brain Mapping.

Prof Gilles Dhonneur

Discusses the usage and benefits of the LMA Supreme™. In particular focusing on the advantages of the Second Seal™.

Ana Lopez

Ana Lopez, WCA 2012 Argentina, explains the importance of the Second Seal™ and second generation devices like LMA Supreme™