LMA® Protector™ Airway with Cuff Pilot™ Technology

The LMA® Protector Airway is the most advanced second generation airway from Teleflex.

Dual gastric channels

The only laryngeal mask that combines a pharyngeal chamber and dual gastric drainage channels, designed specifically to channel gastric content away from the airway.


The airway tube and cuff are 100% silicone, phthalate free and designed to conform to the anatomy. Silicone cuffs have been shown to reduce risk of sore throat1 and achieve higher seal pressures2 compared with PVC cuffs.

Cuff Pilot Technology

An integrated cuff pressure indicator for single-use airway management devices that enables continuous cuff pressure monitoring at a glance and facilitates easy, accurate adjustment when necessary.3,4

Second Seal Technology

The elongated cuff facilitates the upper esophageal seal.

Ability to intubate

Allows direct intubation using visual guidance.



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