LMA® Flexible™ Airway

LMA Flexible™: truly flexible

  • Designed for shared airways – airway tube can be moved out of the surgical field without displacement of the cuff, or loss of seal for the anaesthetistst
  • Improved recovery profile – children undergoing adenotonsillectomies with LMA Flexible™ spent significantly less time in the operating room after surgery, had a lower incidence of airway irritation and experienced lower postoperative pain in the first 4 hours vs an ETT17
  • Patient protection – LMA Flexible™ acts as a barrier, preventing soiling of the glottis or trachea by blood or secretions from above18


More protection than an ETT: Besides being easier on the patient than an ETT, studies have shown that the LMA FlexibleTM also provides better protection from blood andsecretions from above the trachea.18



The LMA Flexible™ provided an unobstructed airway in all patients. The LMA Flexible™ protects the larynx from contamination during and after the operation until the return of the patient’s own protective reflexes.

Williams P. J., Thompsett C., Bailey P. M. Comparison of the reinforced laryngeal mask airway and tracheal intubation for nasal surgery. Anaesthesia 1995; 50: 987-989.
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Instructional video about the insertion of LMA Flexible™

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