LMA® Unique™ Airway

The original single use laryngeal mask:

  • Seven sizes, from neonate to adult
  • Sterile, single use
  • Aperture bars designed to prevent the blockage of airflow by the epiglottis13
  • Soft, flexible cuff
  • Facilitates smooth emergence from anaesthesia7
  • Minimal haemodynamic response7
  • Part of the American Society of Anesthesiologists difficult airway algorithm14

Advantages over the TT included: increased speed and ease of placement by inexperienced personnel; increased speed of placement by anaesthetists; improved haemodynamic stability at induction and during emergence; minimal increase in intraocular pressure following insertion; reduced anaesthetic requirements for airway tolerance; lower frequency of coughing during emergence; improved oxygen saturation during emergence; and lower incidence of sore throat in adults.

Brimacombe J. The advantages of the LMA over the tracheal tube or facemask: a meta-analysis. Canadian Journal Anaesthesia. 1995; 42: 1017-23.
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Footage demonstrating a clear airway, free from obstruction – Highlighting the importance of Aperture Bars in LMA Unique™.

Footage demonstrating epiglottic blockage in a competitor Laryngeal Mask Airway without in-built aperture bars – Highlighting the importance of Aperture Bars in LMA™ products.

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